The first fourteen volumes that contain the alphabetic stretch A to Skooier have already been published.

The Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal reflects the Afrikaans language in all its diversity. Apart from standard Afrikaans, regional language, spoken language and the other varieties of Afrikaans like Namaqua and Cape are also included in the dictionary. Eventually the majority of the Afrikaans vocabulary, that consists of more than one million words, will be recorded in the WAT.

When the Elektroniese WAT was published on 28 March 2003, the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT) joined the leading dictionaries of the world like the Oxford English Dictionary and the Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal. The Elektroniese WAT is updated when a new printed volume is published. It is available as a CD and on the internet.

The whole WAT is now available on cell phone. Several advanced searches can be done in a fraction of a second. The list on the right in the screenshot below lists other instances of the word you searched for, usually in the definitions of other words.

Basic Afrikaans:  The Top 1000 Words and Phrases was published in 2011 by Pharos Dictionaries.  

The wordlist aims to help non-Afrikaans speaking students function better and feel more at home in an Afrikaans environment. In 2009, the Buro van die Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal was approached by the Friends of Afrikaans to compile a list with 1 000 most useful Afrikaans words a student would need to get along on a predominant Afrikaans campus.

The Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans (EWA) en Supplement on CD contains the contents of the printed EWA and Supplement in one product. 

Have you ever wondered where the Afrikaans words bankrot, derby and marathon come from, how the words kothuis and voertsek originated in Afrikaans, where the months of the year get their names, or why strong spirits are sometimes called lawaaiwater?

The Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans (EWA) en Supplement provides answers to these and many similar questions.

Other functions of the EWA include that this new dictionary

  • contains more than 10 300 headwords
  • provides information in a user-friendly way to anyone wishing to find out more about the origin of Afrikaans words
  • provides the reasons for the names of things and information about folk etymology
  • provides information about the languages from which Afrikaans is descended and the processes of word formation
  • provides a user-friendly and efficient search facility
  • gives a good history of Dutch vocabulary in South Africa since 1652, and also indicates what has been added to Afrikaans from other sources


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  • 500 MB space on the hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive

Price: R300 (VAT and postage included)

ISBN: 978-0-9946528-0-5

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Although the first edition of the Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans (EWA) published in 2003 contained more than 8 000 headwords, there were a large number of Afrikaans words that deserved etymological treatment, but could not be included in the first edition. Some of these words were treated in the Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans Supplement (EWA Supplement).

The EWA Supplement contains more than 2 300 new headwords. They were carefully selected to illustrate the rich, multicultural origin of Afrikaans words. The dictionary will provide reading pleasure to everyone who wants to know more about the etymology of Afrikaans words. Readers will get a good idea of what happened to Dutch words in South Africa after 1652, and will learn which words Afrikaans acquired independently from Dutch.


Lexikos (Greek for "of or for words") is a journal for the lexicographical specialist and has been published by the Bureau of the WAT in the AFRILEX Series since 1991. In 1996 it became the mouthpiece of the African Association for Lexicography.

Lexikos is the only journal in Africa which is exclusively devoted to lexicography. At present it is circulated in 23 countries and contributes enormously to stimulate the lexicographical discourse in Africa and further.

Sinonieme en verwante woorde was published in 2006 by Pharos Dictionaries. It is the second edition of Woordkeusegids. 'n Kerntesourus van Afrikaans which was published in 1992 by the Bureau of the WAT.

Dr F.J. Snijman, second Editor-in-Chief of the WAT, sketched often during his stay in the Netherlands between 1939 and 1945. 41 of these fine pencil sketches of the Dutch landscape were preserved. Reproductions are available from the Bureau of the WAT.

Price: R75 per sketch; the set of 41 is available for R2500.